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About the facilitator

   Native from planet Earth since 1984, Daniel Monterigues is a worshipper of Nature, life explorer, poet, outdoors lover, and a passionate communicator. Graduated in Social Communication at Mackenzie University, he has been for more than 10 years immersed in shamanic practices, rituals and ceremonies around the world. Shamanism and spiritual science are indeed his true passion.

     Deepening his knowledge throughout all sorts of spiritual experiences, since meditation, plants medicine, vision quest, sweat lodges, yoga, regenerative agriculture and much more, Daniel started to understand what these practices have in common developing a series of activities and methods to integrate ourselves deeply and authentically with Nature, and most important of all: in a useful and balanced way.

     In the past years, a range of intakes, studies and healthy choices for a more natural way of living have been increasing his awareness of the major priority to live organically, at the same time helping actively to preserve the biosphere. Now, he is presenting himself as a servant for a greater purpose, building up a new humanity's collective consciousness to face the challenging shifts already in place on our planet Earth.



services, sessions and presentations

  • Video call consultation about integral life with nature

    1 hr
    70 New Zealand dollars
  • Set of physical and contemplative exercises for self-awareness.

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri1 hr
    90 New Zealand dollars
  • Shamanism Lecture, Rapé Circles, Drumming Journey, Sweat Lodges.

    2 hr
    Price varies

"The extinction of biological diversity is inextricably linked to the destruction of cultural diversity, with the loss of traditional native cultures. For this reason, the vital and all-important knowledge of the way of living in balance with the Earth and the value system in which it is encoded is

also disappearing. In order to approach the process of restauration, it is essential to learn to see planet Earth through native eyes."

Kay Baxter

Leader of Regeneration movement in New Zealand 

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